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drive thru jalapeno cheeseburger

Pierre Drive Thru Jalapeno Cheeseburger

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My biggest hurdle with packing my lunch for work in the morning is pure and simple half-awake laziness. If I have to prepare food, I grumble at every second of the process. I’m a fan of the grab-n-go style foods for lunch… and is probably why every lunch I’ve made in (at least) the last [...]


The Behemoth Burger

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Hol-ee shit! Now THIS is 100% pure Snort Ramen material! What you see here is the goddamn Behemoth Burger made by the Grilll ‘Em All foodtruck… aka greatest food truck idea ever. If it hasn’t clicked up in your skull walnut yet, it’s a heavy metal themed food truck out in LA that rocks burgers such [...]


Rally’s Big Buford & Fries

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Rally’s is one of the greatest things in the entire world. For those that have never heard of Rally’s, you might be familiar with it’s evil twin Checkers. For those who have heard of neither, Google the closest location right now, get in your goddamn car, and go find one Harold & Kumar style. Rally’s/Checkers [...]


Amy’s Quarter Pound Veggie Burgers

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Okay… I’m going to share something with you folks today. Despite the fact that I’m a carnivorous sonuvabitch and invented the Turfucken (which is a chicken stuffed into a duck, then stuffed into a turkey, then stuffed into an ostrich, then stuffed into leopard, then stuffed into a bison, then stuffed into an elephant, and [...]