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Nong Shim Spicy Onion Rings

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Last weekend the fam made a trek to one of the Asian grocery stores in town. Whenever we go, it is LAW that we get some oddball snack that we’ve never had. So many things from octopus crackers to Sriracha peas… but this time around I opted for a bag of Hot & Spicy Onion [...]


Mike-Sell’s Smoky Mountain Barbecue Chips

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Until I moved north of the Mason-Dixon, I had never heard of Mike-Sell’s brand potato chips. They’re super cheap and super delicious. Mike-Sell’s makes everything from regular potato chips to the evil Cheeto twin known as the Puffcorn Delight. If you’re able to try anything by these guys… go forth and tantalize your taste buds. You won’t [...]