Taco Bell Waffle Tacos

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taco-bell-tests-waffle-tacoYes, Ramen-Readers… you read correctly. Motherfuckin’ Taco Bell Waffle Tacos. The Bell is dipping its clapper (yes, that’s the actual name for the dangly part of a bell) into the breakfast world. It’s sausage and eggs loaded up into a waffle all taco style. While it’s not really a taco based on what the Googlebots tells me…

ta·co /ˈtäkō/ Noun
A Mexican dish consisting of a fried folded tortilla, filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned meat, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.

…it IS Taco Bell and you really can’t expect their food ideas to make the most sense. So end rant. Anyhoo, for $.89 it doesn’t seem like a bad deal. We all know this won’t be the highest caliber of breakfast foods, and I’m guessing the sausage will be like the meef, or Mystery Beef, if you will. Smausage? But you have to be a complete fucking idiot to expect 5 star cuisine from Taco Bell.

Currently these are only available in select Southern California locations… so if you’re out West, have tried these, and not too stoned off of SoCal medical weed to click your mouse a few times… drop us a line or comment with your opinions!


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