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sun chips garden salsaRamen Snorters, time for a simple rehash of a tested and true stonerrific snack.  The garden salsa Sun Chips, if you don’t already know, is truly a force to be reckoned with.  I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that everyone likes Sun Chips, but no one will claim Sun Chips as their favorite brand.  I think Sun Chips are extremely underrated.  I can’t even really recall when they emerged on the shelves, but they have been very subtle about their existence.  People always enjoy them, but never think to get them.  For one thing, they have great flavors that no other chip takes on, such as french onion, peppercorn ranch, and sun-dried tomato.  It also seems like they always have some sort of unique limited time flavor available at Subway restaurants, which is always awesome.  In this particular review I’d like to salute the Garden Salsa flavor which is one of the few permanent ones available.  The multi-grain texture resembles something that might be a hybrid of a corn and potato chip.  The flavor stands out as tomato and green/red bell peppers which obviously forms a great combo for salsa. There is a nice zing to it, but nothing I would call spicy.  It might be spicy if you have never ever been to a city near the coast in your life, like a family from South Dakota or some shit.  However I did learn one fact that bothered me during this review.  FritoLay introduced a packaging for Sun Chips that was 100% biodegradable and compostable bag.  This caused people to complain and protest by forming Facebook groups because the bags were too noisy.  Holy fucking shit, do we really live in a world where a large company tries to do something sustainable and responsible and they retract it for bags being “too noisy”?  Supposedly, they improved the biodegradable bags to make less noise, but they also limited them to only the 3 permanent Sun Chips flavors.  Good going, America.  Anywhoo, eat more Sun Chips and listen to Slayer.

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  1. levicious

    do you have a fb fanpage

  2. Blubba

    hahaha the end was so stupid what the hell.. lol but these chips are so good they’re 100% my favorite especially the garden salsa flavor.


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