Stoner Concoction – Medical Edition – Sriracha Tomato Soup

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So you’ve got a head cold. You feel like shit. Your nose won’t stop with the chartreuse waterfalls and you sound like the bastard child of Barry White and a velociraptor. While this won’t cure you, I hereby give you a great temporary fix: Sriracha Tomato Soup.

First you start with a bowl. Get your grinder and some saltines.


Grind that shit up and put your keef-crackers in a bowl. Set aside.

Next, warm up a can of tomato soup in a saucepan. Whatever you do, don’t be a silly bitch and add a can of water… ALWAYS add a can milk. Creamy tomato soup = tr00. Watery tomato soup = FALSE. “But dude, dairy is not recommended when you have nasal congestion.” How about you shut the fuck up and let me help you. Ungrateful fuck.

Now the medicine. Squirt like 8 shots of Sriracha in the saucepan and stir.

sriracha sauce

Allow to simmer and pour your soup over the bowl of crackers. Eat and enjoy. This will make your nose run a fuck ton more, but only temporarily… thus flushing all the oogies out for the night. It’s healthy and hotsauce goddamn which is a combo for getting your fix and helping you feel better… a winning concoction from the Snort Ramen Medical Journal for Physical and Mental Well-Being.

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