Stoner Concoction: Ghetto Ginger Ale

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HamDog and I were sitting around riding the dragon towards the crimson eye and playing Ninja Gaiden while blasting Megadeth… and he turns to me and says “Hey PlanetOfTheCrepes, you heard about ghetto ginger ale?”

“No, But I’ll tell you what… these dumbass swooping hawks are really pissing me off.” I said.

“Yeah, those things are pretty cruel. You should give up.” he says. “Anyway… I read that you can make a ginger ale equivalent by mixing 95% Sprite and 5% Coke.”

As I threw my controller across the room and through the wall in a rage-fit, I said “Fascinating, my friend. But we don’t have any coke. You think Sprite and dro would work?”

“While that’s a great idea and I do plan on working on that this week… I meant Coca-Cola.” said Hamdog.

“Oh. Yeah. That’s… err… what I meant. Still fascinating though. I think we still have a couple of palettes of Coca-Cola and Sprite out in the fallout shelter. I’ll go grab a couple of cans.” I reply.

We mixed these things up and gave it a whirl. Well sonuvabitch… this does taste kinda like ginger ale. Albeit cheap shitty ginger ale, it still tastes like ginger ale (not like that fancy pants hippie stuff that comes in glass bottles that’s pretty much ground up ginger root and club soda). My best comparison would be if Aldi made their own brand of ginger ale. It kind of reminds me about the time a filthy-ass crust punk girl told me about ghetto lemonade at IHOP where you mix lemons, raspberry syrup, sugar and water (all free from IHOP) and drink it. Questionable at first, and you drink it anyway… but you understand what they’re going for, although it “just isn’t it”.

Not horrible, but I’d rather just crack open a Canada Dry instead of two different sodas. I guess if you have Sprite and Coke on hand and you’ve got an ultra-hankerin’ for some ginger ale… this will work. Overall I say “meh”. Bonus points for science lab soda though.

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