Bacon Tortilla Chips

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The other day I came home and Mrs. PotC was doing her usual thing… kicking ass in the kitchen. She was making tortilla chips. But she had a batch set aside that were different from the other chips. They were darker and slightly orange. Hmmm… what flavor of tortilla chips could these be? Looking at the bag they were being stored in, the label read “Bacon Tortilla Chips”.

Wait. BACON tortilla chips?! Damn right, friends: BACON tortilla chips. The best part? They were just for me. Score! But as usual, I immediately had to know how this wizardry was concocted.

See, at our house we stock-pile food. I’m not a super-wealthy man… but I’m damn proud of our food supply. If I have a paycheck that gets completely eaten up on payday (you know this scenario all too well)… I don’t fret because I know I won’t starve. Because of our food stock, we always have stuff that needs to get used up periodically. Over time we’ve acquired a bunch of corn tortillas, and they usually sit in our deep freeze for a while because we’re more in favor of flour tortillas (especially our homemade ones). So what Mrs. PotC does every so often is she takes a bag of them out of the freezer, thaws them, stacks them up and cuts them with a pizza cutter, brushes them with oil, and bakes them until viola! they become tortilla chips. Pretty nifty, eh? Well, Mrs. PotC remembered that a while back, she bought some J&D’s Bacon Salt. So for a couple batches of chips, she sprinkled on the bacon salt after brushing the tortillas with oil. And thus, bacon tortillas chips were born. And yes… they are AMAZING.

lilly's roasted red pepper hummusRecently I raved about Lilly’s Roasted Jalapeno hummus. Since I’m flat our crackers over this stuff, I decided to give some of the other Lilly’s brand hummuses (hummi?) a chance. I know what you’re saying: “Dude. Why do you keep sneaking in these relatively healthy foods on what’s supposed to be the greatest junk food site on the Internet?” Because fuck you, it tastes good… that’s why. I got my hands on a couple of containers of Lilly’s Roasted Red Pepper hummus which is also aces. And I’m glad I opted for more than one container, because I eat this stuff like Chong gulping down his acid stash when getting pulled over at the beginning of Up In Smoke. And what did I use to eat this hummus? The bacon chips obviously! Folks, the combination of these two things can be lethal for those who aren’t Snort Ramen Olympiads. After you get that first bite, you pretty much turn into a rogue shop-vac with no off switch. The bacon, roasted red pepper flavor, the hint of lime… fuck! It’s a complex flavor punch that I recommend everyone trying. Let’s just say that after two brief sittings, I only have about 5 scoops of hummus left. Seriously… try this food combo before you die. You can thank me later.


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  1. Chip Review

    What a cool combo. These sound delicious. Great post.

  2. Briyonce

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