Stoner Concoction: An Alternative to Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos

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A stoner’s delight.

You hear mixed reviews on the Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell.  Of course Snort Ramen was excited. I feel like every other post we make has something to do with Doritos.  While you may not be stoked on the DLT, you have to admit that it was creative and stoner friendly.  After all, this product created enough buzz to move 100 million in only 10 fucking weeks.  Wow.

Chant: “USA! USA! USA!”

The downside to the DLT is the price.  You buy a couple of these for you and someone else, next thing you know you’ve rung up 8-9 bucks at a fucking Taco Bell.  You know that USUALLY when you spend that much at Taco Bell you should have enough food to last for the entire summer.  I’m not sure what the exact price is, but I just noticed that every time you buy 3-4 of these the total price really seems to skyrocket by Taco Bell standards. doritos nacho cheese taco bell

This is a different version of the DLT that is a bit more filling than just 1 crunchy taco.

1. Go to Taco Bell

2. Order the 2$ meal deal (5-layer burrito, 1 bag of nacho cheese Doritos, large soft drink)

3. Simply dump the Doritos in the burrito and re roll it. Refer to the Fine Art of Burrito Handling.

4. Enjoy

5 layer burrito doritos

Not puke – Just Taco Bell



It’s not rocket science.  This way you get a larger more filling taco with a drink for 2 bucks.  The thin flat bread of the the 5 layer burrito with the Doritos together give it the Double-Decker like effect, making it both soft and crunchy.  Also, the actual Doritos have way more seasoning and taste more cheesy than the Doritos taco shell. There are also 3 other options for the 2$ meal deal if you want to dump your Doritos in a Double-Decker, Gordita Supreme, or a Chicken Burrito.

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  1. Arturo Blair

    That is fucking brilliant.


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