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Word up, Ramenites! Long time no see. HamDog and I have been talking a lot about the site, and we want to share with you guys about what’s been going down. We’re here to announce that Snort Ramen is going to go into the dark for a little while so we can iron out new forthcomings.

We’ve finally pulled a Dale Earnhardt and hit the wall with the wordy-ass reviews. But there’s a lot going on in our world. We just got picked up by Dark Horse Comics to do a Snort Ramen comic, and Ben & Jerry’s have tapped us for a new Brownie-Pineapple-Dank ice cream flavor. HamDog is currently working on a movie deal with Lion’s Gate about flying through space with The Bacon Egg Cthulhu while I’m working on drawing the comic. We also have plans for a weed/alcohol/energy/relaxation speedball drink in the future. Soon we’ll be letting people sign up to join our street team to spread the word of the Ramen Empire.

But yeah… all the celebrity afterparties, the overwhelming amount of site comments, and mountains of endorsements coming in… we’re going to take a bit of a break. If we fucking feel like it, we might review something from time to time… but the semi-regular posting we’ve been doing is going on hiatus for a bit. So until then, keep checking back for an all new whatever the fuck ever… and there’s 166 goddamn posts of pure junk food hilarity for you to enjoy on this site.


Planetofthecrepes / HamDog


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