Ruffles Tapatio Limon Chips

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Our last Ruffles review left us severely disappointed. And by disappointed, I mean we got so pissed off we annihilated an entire city over it. But today, Ruffles have redeemed themselves tenfold. While we didn’t make any galactic trips to the M52 system of the Orion-Cygnus arm, the gas station down the road was able to provide the goods (the Starship Chilifies was getting waxed today and all).

So if you’ve been reading this blog, you know by now that HamDog and I have been wanting to try these chips for a while. Seeing that I actually had some cash on me today, I decided that this was the day the magic was going to happen and made my was to the convenience store. We’ve both had very high expectations of these chips seeing that we’re native Texans and all. If you’re gonna put our mustached Guadalajaran friend on another food product… you fuckin’ better deliver in taste or it’s a hockey stick to the shins.

I knew these were going to be good when I opened the bag. See, I have this thing where I like to inhale the aroma that comes from a bag of chips immediately after I open it. I could smell the picante sauce and it made my nose tingle from the spiciness. This is a good sign, because as always we like to EXPERIENCE our food. The first bite sent me back to my days in Texas where I would go knuckle down on monstrous burritos with a Dos Equis Special Lager in hand at hole-in-the-wall Mexican food joints. I remembered the authentic Mexican cooks raking beef over a Benihana style grill and yelling at each other, the booths with ripped vinyl seat cushions, the lime floating in my beer, the ceiling that badly needed re-spackling, and the Tapatio that I would slather on my burritos. Then the spiciness kicked in, which was followed be a very nice lime flavor that wasn’t overpowering. So good! These chips certainly have the whole goddamned package. One fucking chip gave me a flashback, brought on the hot-sauce-goddamn, and tasted good on top of everything else.

Needless to say I polished off this bag pretty quick, and Ruffles sure as fuck didn’t let me down this time. I will definitely buy these chips again. If you’re a fan of hot-and-spicy with lime… these are your chips, bro. Mr. Tapatio man (or possibly “Jared Leto Incognito”), I thank you for these chips. When the jellyfish wars strike, the Bacon-Egg Cthulhu will spare your life and you will be allowed to ride the Griffin of Deliverance to the Holy Land of Snacks with us.

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  1. Gas Station Gastronomy

    These were such a great surprise when I tried them out! That aroma! Well done.


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