RetroFeast: Ghostbusters Cereal

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Back in 1984, Earth was given one of the greatest things since the steam powered locomotive… and that thing was Ghostbusters. As the IMDB page says, the movie is about “three unemployed parapsychology professors who set up shop as a unique ghost removal service.” There are behemoth demon dogs, ghosts made of slime, giant marshmallow sailors, and ectoplasm galore. Fuck yeah! This was the first brick laid down for the road of a huge and bad-ass franchise! While the movie was pure awesomeness, it also gave us numerous other gems such as toys, cartoons, and cereal (but not video games though, which our pal James Rolfe the AVGN describes here).

This cereal was a fruity/berry grain flavored delight. If memory serves correctly, the texture was not unlike Honeycomb and had a Fruit Loops flavor to it. And of course motherfucking marshmallows. You can’t have an awesome cereal without having those magnificent crispy crunchy bastards in it.

Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves… it’s really just funny shaped Fruit Loops and marshmallows. But the fact that there’s the circle-slash-ghost logo on the box increases the taste tenfold. Where’s my science, you ask? I’m your goddamned science! It’s a shame that these things are gone… because picking out Lucky Charms marshmallows and putting them in Fruit Loops just isn’t the same. Ghostbusters cereal, we salute you!

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