RetroFeast: Cookies-n-Creme Twix

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cookies and creme twixWe all know and love our Twix candy bars.  They’re a mouthful of soft chewy delicious caramel chocolatey goodness, you can’t get much better than that, right?  Well if you remember the early 90′s, you’ll remember that Twix actually launched a campaign of different flavors to experiment with.  Aside from the original Caramel flavor, the world was introduced to Peanut Butter, Chocolate Fudge, and Cookies n’ Creme.  The Peanut Butter was as good as the good old chocolate peanut butter combo could be, but nothing we hadn’t tried before.  The Chocolate Fudge flavor was a little over the top.  It was real chewy and it stuck to your teeth like trying to eat a mouthful of popcorn while having a serious case of cottonmouth.  Now the Cookies n’ Creme flavor was a motherfucking home run.  At the time, it was pretty revolutionary to come out with a Cookies n’ Creme candy bar.  In those days we had our cookies and creme ice cream and Oreos, but the world was still blind to the idea of a Cookies n’ Creme candy bar. Imagine a cookie base chocolate bar with the sweet taste of double stuff Oreos having an double orgy in your mouth.  And you get 2 bars in every Twix so it was like a double double orgy.  It was unreal.  I remember it being pretty hard to find a store that carried all of these Twix flavors and I was only able to eat the Cookies n’ Creme a few times before they disappeared.  While I was looking up this product to find some info for the RetroFeast review, I saw that I was not alone.  There is a cult following of Cookies n’ Creme Twix fans that have started several online petitions to bring back this Hall of Famer of a candy bar.


7 Responses to “RetroFeast: Cookies-n-Creme Twix”

  1. joe

    It would be great to see the cookies n cream twix come back

  2. joe

    Are u guys ever going to bring them back out

    • PlanetOfTheCrepes

      What? US bring them back? I wish that were our call, man. Unfortunately that’s all up to Mars, Inc. Let us know if you can make the magic happen.

  3. doug wylde

    They would be stupid not to do it , even the monster cereals brought back a couple flavors this year

  4. Arabian

    Bring back the cookies and cream twix that was the best twix in the world

  5. mattrick

    I would buy boxes n boxes of these if i ever had the chance to do so. These were my favorite candy bar growing up.

  6. Brett Alan

    I certainly have a sweet tooth, and I sometimes eat too much, but I usually don’t eat a whole bunch at one time. Those Cookies N Creme Twix were the only junk food that really got me to suddenly realize I’d eaten more than half the box in no time.

    I miss these, but I wonder how many more pounds I’d weigh if they hadn’t gone away! B^)


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