Rally’s Fry Lover Burger

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rallys fry lovers burgerIf you frequent Snort Ramen, you know we love our Rally’s. Goddamn do we love our Rally’s. The burgers/sandwiches are aces because they’re large, generous with the fixins, and cheap. And the fries are mouthgasmic. You can read about me going apeshit over Rally’s in one our previous articles here.

Recently we talked about chips on your goddamn sandwich. It’s a brilliant idea and should be utilized whenever possible. In the previously mentioned post, we were kind of straying away from the UK version of chips (that’s fries in Britainese for you ‘Merican folks)… but now, thanks to the Rally’s Fry Lover Burger, we have to go back and give some love to fries on your goddamn sandwich… but more specifically fries on your goddamn hamburger. Rally’s just won again with this new menu item. It’s simply a Rallyburger with fries on it. See… Rally’s knows what the fuck is up. Sure you could drop $3 on two Rallyburgers and then another $1 on a SMALL order of fries. But now they pretty much offer two Rallyburgers WITH FRIES ON IT for just $3. The only difference is that the FLB doesn’t have lettuce or tomato on it… but if you know about the Rally’s Super Secret Discount… you can add lettuce (free) and tomato (I think it’s like .$25 or $.50) and have a tr00 Rallyburger with fries on it for LESS than the cost of 2 Rallyburgers. That’s right… we’re fucking smart and hacked the system.

While it’s nothing super original… it’s one of the greatest things ever, folks: Rally’s crack-laced fries on a totally stellar burger at a good price (and even better with the discount). It is Snort Ramen law that you eat one of these in your lifetime… or you’ll get triangle choked by HamDog and miss out on one of the most awesome things in the Universe.



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