Quick Update from the Hamdog

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Snort Ramen y u no postWhat’s up Ramen readers?  It’s been a hot minute since you’ve heard from the squad.  Don’t be alarmed, we’re not going anywhere.  Sometimes life gets in the way of delicious junk food.  I’ve been busy growing my hair out, and I believe Mrs.PlanetOfTheCrepe’s is about to give birth to a piggy in a blanket any minute, so PotC will be hung up for a while.  We’ve also been trying to brainstorm ways to make this site cooler.  We want to expand outside of reviews and keep users engaged.  We hope to have video reviews and more interactive content in the future. Of course, we’re always open to suggestions and feedback.

Another venture that part of Ramen Squad is working on is an amazing new website for the Comic Book world at www.comicscrux.com.  If you’re a comic book fan you definitely want to hop on this!comics crux logo


Thanks for stopping by.  Now, go get a burrito from Taco Bell and listen to Slayer.

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