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private selection buffalo chipsLet’s start with a rant: Chip makers… we need to have a talk. We vote to stop calling chips with Buffalo sauce flavoring anything with the word “wing” in it. If these were supposed to taste like wings, then I would taste some goddamn chicken. I have never tasted chicken in any type of “Buffalo wing” style chip. So please, for the love of the BEC… just call them “Buffalo style” or “Buffalo sauce” or something without “wing(s)” in it. Don’t make me say it again.

Now let’s move to a rave: The Snort Ramen compound recently tried some chips by what appears to be a Kroger brand called “Private Selection” (readers… correct me if I’m wrong on that). Despite the fact that they were labeled poorly labeled as “spicy wing” chips and almost triggered a ragefit. these fuckers are pretty damn good! They’ve got the nice kettle chip thickness and crunch, and of course they have the beloved ridges that can house flavor uppercuts. They’ve also got a great smoky flavor too! Going into this thinking “THERE WILL BE NO CHICKEN. JUST SAUCE.”… this is definitely a front runner with this style of chips. The most notable quality of these chips is the heat. Oh MAN this heat! This is some of the best heat I’ve tasted on a chip in recent memory. If you eat 1/4 of the bag… you’ll feel it a half an hour later. That’s the good shit my friends.

So finally, a WING SAUCE chip that’s not just spicy ass vinegar (no, not spicy-ass or ass-vinegar… straight up spicy ass vinegar) like most chips in this vein. I give these chips mega thumbs up.



On a side note… we want to find some actual “spicy wing” chips that tastes like chicken and wing sauce. If Nong Shim can come close recreating fried chicken flavor with the Kikiriki Drumstix, then we believe that a true “spicy wing” chip can exist. Maybe we can get HamDog to write one of his famous persuasive letters to FritoLay requesting this (seeing that they’ve significantly increased their ball size lately with their new stoner-friendly chip flavors).

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