New Four Loko Flavors – Coco Loko and Strawberry Lemonade

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Four Loko, or as I like to call it Four LOL (because if you drink it your night will be full of LOLz) or Floor Loko (because if you drink much more than 1 or 2 of these, you will end up on the floor).  I am a strong dedicated Loko drinker.  One Loko has enough punch to get a calm buzz going, most flavors are decent, and they cost around 2.50 a pop.  No flies on that.  I generally am drawn to the citrus flavors so any flavor that contains lemon, lime, or orange will tickle my fancy.  For whatever reason in my area, if a place has only 2 kinds of Loko, they only carry Grape and Fruit Punch, the two worst kinds.  I have only found 1 can of Orange loko in my life, I took the last one off a shelf at Valero and they never restocked.  I have told the clerk there to please tell management to restock the orange and I have also gone as far as to write the corporate office asking why in the fuck is it so hard to find orange Loko in Houston.  So with all that being said, I was thrilled to death when i was digging through the ice at the gas station and saw a new color can, a new flavor, Coco Loko.  Fucking awesome.  I remember about a year ago on Facebook, Four Loko had a poll to help select the new Limited Edition XXX flavor.  I believe the choices were kiwi-strawberry, margarita, coconut, and something else.  I thought they had forgotten but it was finally here. Coco Loko is a fine concoction brought into the family.  Expect a nice citrus bite with pineapple/lime kind of flavor and a smooth tropical coconut aftertaste.  Just when I thought that was the end of the rope,  I go to reach for another after work special.  I’m digging through the ice and scoop up a Strawberry-Lemonade, the new limited edition flavor.  This flavor is crowned the new King of Loko.  It is by far the smoothest and is absolutely delicious and refreshing.  While i was doing this review, I discovered there is ANOTHER new flavor, Peach!  Wow Loko!  Thanks for all the surprises!  I need a text message notification or sign up for an email list or something because I have been dying for new Four Loko flavors.  I can’t believe I’ve been blind to new flavors for any amount of time because I go by the corner store every day looking for this shit, hoping that maybe Orange will come out of hiding.  Since the Strawberry is tagged with XXX it’s only available for a limited time.  It looks like Peach and Coco Loko are new permanent additions.  Oh, I almost forgot, don’t ever go out on a limb and try the smaller can labeled Poco Loko.  The flavors sound good, but that shit is weak (only 8%) and tastes like garbage.  Now it’s time to hunt for Peach.

Coco Loko:




3 Responses to “New Four Loko Flavors – Coco Loko and Strawberry Lemonade”

  1. cefus

    I thought the strawberry lemonade was shit but it was my first time tryin Loko so what do i know.

  2. Tori Recendiz

    Lmao your way of writing is very enthusiastic and interesting, had me laughing…I just tried the peach today, I stumbled upon this review when looking it up and I must say the peach is very good, it’s smooth, not too sweet or bitter they did a good job!

  3. Will Squire

    I agree that UVA and Fruit Punch are gross. they taste like cough syrup in my opinion. but, if i may request, could you do a review on ALL the flavors? ive only had peach and the limited Blue Raspberry, but they got rid of that last year. SO!
    if you could, go ahead and do some reviews :) ill put this blog in my fav’s so ill be back soon to check for it


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