My Campaign for Bacon Four Loko

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I’d like to ask all our readers to join me in the fight to bring bacon flavored Four Loko to the world.

August 24, 2012

Drink Four Brewing Co.
1658 N Milwaukee Ave. Suite 424
Chicago, Illinois 60647

To Whom it May Concern,

    Greetings!  I just want to say thank you for making such amazing, delicious, and refreshing beverages.  Personally, I am a long time supporter and huge fan of Four Loko.  It has become something of a ritual for me to rush to the gas station immediately after work to grab a Loko 

after a hard day.  This ritual is called my “AWS” or “After Work Special”. The after work special is something I look forward to every day.   As a regular customer, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my comments, concerns, and ideas.         I can honestly say that all of the flavors that are available are pretty good.  I buy some more than others, but I do keep a nice variety in my rotation.  I tend to aim for the citrus flavors like lemonade and lemon-lime when they’re available.  However the Orange flavor in particular has seemed to disappear from my city.  I can’t seem to find any store close to the Houston area that carries it.  Orange was a great flavor that I’d like to see back on the shelves here.  Is there a reason Orange just vanished out of thin air?  I also noticed that Peach has not surfaced since it was introduced this summer.  What’s the story on that?

bacon four loko

fuck yeah

    Another thing that I want to pitch to you is bacon loko.  That’s right, bacon.  I can’t be the only one that has suggested this.  Bacon has certainly had a popularity boost in recent years.  Every where you look you see bacon gag gifts and flavored merchandise like Baconnaise, Bacon Gum, Bacon Soda, Bacon Chapstick, etc.  Four Loko should hop on this.  “XXX Limited Edition Four Loko Bacon”.  It would be glorious.  All the meatheads would at least try it, and if not they would definitely gift it to somebody.  Everybody loves bacon, and we want to see Bacon Four Loko.  After all, there is bacon flavored vodka available.  I think it would be fun and delicious to have a Bacon flavored Four Loko.
    In conclusion, I am very happy with all of your products.  I’d like to see Orange on the shelves again in Houston, Texas.  Also, please consider the idea of Bacon Four Loko.





Dear Hamdog,
We received your letter in the mail last week.  I wanted to thank you for your comments.  We are always looking for new and innovate flavors and products.  Bacon four loko is an interesting concept and I can tell you that we are exploring the idea.  It is people like you that make all of our efforts worthwhile.  I want to thank you again and please contact me directly in the future with any other ideas.  
We also would like to send you some four loko swag.  Can you send me a copy of your drivers license so we can confirm that you are over 21? 
Thanks again and have a great evening,
Jaisen Freeman
jaisen [at] phusionprojects [d0t] c0m


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