M&M’s Pretzel

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m&m's pretzelI walked into the corner store and looked around for a bit for something to review.  Everything I thought about getting was a Doritos snack and/or Mexican snack, which we’ve been doing too much of lately.  So I began to panic.  “Fuck, I wanted to try those Tapatio Doritos so bad, but what will the Snort Ramen readers think of me if I continue my obnoxious streak of Mexican and Dorito type snacks? Chile this, lime that, when will this stop, Hamdog?”  By this time, I figured the clerk was eyeballing me, thinking I was trying to steal something.  So I grabbed the first different thing I saw that I had not tried before, these god damn pretzel m&m’s.  I like m&m’s, and I like pretzels, why the fuck not?  The m&m’s are larger than normal, more like the peanut m&m’s, which I wasn’t expecting for some reason.  While I do like the chocolate and pretzel combination in general, the peanut and chocolate combo is unfuckwithable.  These candies are very satisfying, but it kept me wishing I had either just bought peanut m&m’s or those fucking Tapatio Doritos.  In conclusion, I like pretzel m&m’s, however I think I would have enjoyed them much more had I not seen Mr.Tapatio on that fat bag of chips. Goddammit.

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