Liberte Yogurt

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Liberte YogurtYogurt? On SnortRamen? I know what you’re thinking: “What the fuck, man? We’re rubbing Cheetoh dust into our gums and shooting up Dr. Pepper between our toes. Why would you be ‘that guy’ and review some hippe-ass yogurt?”

Daily values for Liberte yogurt -
Total fat: 22%
Saturated fat: 51%
25g carbs.

So really, it’s not all that healthy. This stuff is as thick as tar and delicious. It’s like eating the fat from unicorns, but in a totally hetero and savage-roaming-the-outback kind of way. See, with this you can make it look like you’re all healthy and taking care of your body… when instead you’re just making yourself into more of a fatty fat-pants. There’s a huge variety of flavors including the standard strawberry and blueberry, but there’s the mega awesome coconut, lemon, and black raspberry flavors too. The container doesn’t lie… it’s thick and rich like Oprah. Fuck Actvia, Liberte is the way to go.

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