Kasuagi Fruit Gummies

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So if you haven’t guessed by now, Hamdog has the answer to all of your Tex-Mex snack needs while I (PlanetOfTheCrepes) can give you the low down on a vast array of Asian snacks. That’s what you get with one SnortRamen dude in a Top 10 college town in the Midwest, and the other being 5.5 hours away from Mexico.

With this review, we faceplant back into the world of Asian snacks, and I give to you the Kasuagi fruit gummies. I have always been a fan of everything gummy including bears, worms, frogs, and jet fighters (yes, jet fighters. It’s a real thing. Look it the fuck up). But a lot of the time with gummies, the overall taste is simply waxy artificial flavoring. Don’t get me wrong… I love me some artificially flavored glucose and gelatin. But the Kasuagi gummies are the muscle man’s gummies. The texture of these are not very wax-like at all, and they actually taste like the fruit they’re sold as. There are many flavors as you can see: pineapple, kiwi, grape, peach, and so on. You’ll never get a Kasuagi gummy that tastes like “red”, “melted blue HotWheel track”, or “that clear/transparent mystery flavor”. When you eat one, you know what the fuck your chowing down on. Real motherfucking fruit, bitches.

The one pitfall with these gummies is that each and every damned gummy is individually wrapped in the package. When I taste test, I go for the gold and mass devour… so when I first got these and poured the entire bag into my mouth, I got a mouthful of little  plastic wrappers with a chewy center… and that pissed me off. So you’re pretty much given a speed limit on how many you can devour within a given time frame. Sure you could just unwrap each one within the whole package and place them back in the bag, but that’s far from efficient, un-American, and honestly just retarded. These gummies would have gotten an extra half BEC if it weren’t for the dumbass packaging.

Packaging aside and back to focusing on the food itself… Kasuagi fruit gummies are the jam. Flavorful, great texture, and they have a pretty good individual size. One you go Kasuagi…. well… yeah, you’ll probably still eat Haribo… but you’ll definitely have a newfound gummy appreciation.

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