Jim Ether: Elvis & The PBB&B Sandwich

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Having lived in Memphis, TN for most of my life… we were constantly reminded about all things Elvis. This includes him riding the hell out of the Zippin Pippin at Liberty Land, theories on if he’s still stomping around Midtown, and the infamous peanut butter banana and bacon sandwiches he loved so much.

Elvis LOVED his PBB&B sandwiches (although the bacon part isn’t mentioned in all accounts). He’d inhale these things one after another… explaining why he grew into such a tubby-pants later in his life. This sandwich is also appropriately dubbed The Elvis.

Jim Ether has portrayed what Elvis is doing RIGHT NOW. He’s in Heaven (or floating in the stratosphere, in Candy Land, or whatever the fuck you want to call it where sunshine and magic flow in the afterlife) still eating the fuck out of these sandwiches. He’s eaten so many of these damn sandwiches that the PBB&B Heap of Doom has been summoned to constantly feed him.

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  1. Velvetelvitron

    This. is. MAGNIFICENT!


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