INTERVIEW: Eat Skipper’s Pipes and Listen To Skraeckoedlan

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Behold, Snort Ramen’s first interview! We’ve decided to tap into the minds of Swedish stoner/doom juggernauts, Skraeckoedlan, and find what particular foods drive them to be awesome. Don’t worry, we can barely pronounce their name either… but these guys are absolutely fucking sick at writing good tunes. Half of their songs are in English, and the other half in Swedish. All we know is that they sing about power slides (unclear if this is a tricked out Slip-N-Slide or a really gnarly guitar slide) and something about Dan Fogelberg songs. PlanetoftheCrepes sat down with bassist Tim Ångström to find out what foods the Swedish overlords consume in hopes of understanding what makes such badassery spew from their brains.

timangstromSnort Ramen: Thanks, Skarynoodlebarn for doing this interview. Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself?

Tim Ångström: Hi there! I’m Tim, bass player of Skraeckoedlan… or “snack-a-doodle-on” as an American friend told me.

We’re just another Swedish stoner band on a journey to outer space, riding the fuzz caterpillar of doom towards eternity, following the tracks of Mr Fuglesang. In other words, we’re just four regular guys who fell in love with music and started rocking out together.

SR: Hah! We certainly approve of said Fuzz Caterpillar of Doom. So let’s start off with saying we’re fascinated with regional junk food. What kind of stuff do you guys knuckle-down on over there in Sweden? I’m sure you guys don’t get your music ideas from eating salad.

TA: To start off – we’re actually vegetarians. And to answer the question, we really dig falafel. And halloumi cheese. And french fries. And pizza. Preferably all together at the same time. With a lot of garlic and curry sauce.

The typical Swedish fast food dish would otherwise be mashed potatoes (the powder edition) with meatballs and lingonberry jam, even though kebabs and hamburgers are taking over as number one more and more. Kind of boring actually.

SR: Well shit, I just put my foot in my mouth with the salad thing, didn’t I? (laughs) I guess you could load up a salad with all sorts cheese and ranch dressing, which (after consumed) would give your blood the proper viscosity to pump out some brutal fuzz-ridden tunes. But we highly approve of this “Falafalloumi French-fried Pizza” nonetheless.

TA: We should make it a Swemurican tradition!

SR: Hell yeah, man! I also have to commend you on the proper pronunciation of “-Murican”. So Tim, we want to know about Swedish breakfast. After visiting some family in Germany many many moons ago, I realized how fucking big of a deal breakfast is over in that part of Europe. Like, in England they eat beans, 19 types of sausages, and I think a rack of elephant ribs first thing in the morning. Do you guys go all out for breakfast too? If so, what’s on the goddamn menu?

SkraeckoedlanTA: The breakfast fetish isn’t near as big in Sweden like in (example) Germany and England. Speaking of own experience, I usually gulp down a jug of coffee and maybe a sandwich. But mostly just some black coffee. I’ve heard that shit is really good for you.

SR: Shit yeah sandwiches for breakfast! And yes coffee is certainly good for you. I know we’d certainly come close to death without our morning coffee. When breakfast is done and you’re in full swing for the day… what is, in your opinion, the best foods to eat after getting fuzzy/sozzled and listening to doom?

TA: I’d say anything fried. I once tried frying a Snickers bar. That was fantastic.

SR: You’re really winning our hearts here, Tim.

(at this point in the interview… Tim initiates a bro-fist with PlanetoftheCrepes that causes galaxies to collide)

SR: Now let me ask you this: If I saw you guys live, I’d probably be headbanging with a whole raw salmon in one hand and a Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar beer in the other. Is this an accurate depiction of the perfect Skraeckoedlan/food live experience? If not, what would you suggest?

TA: Well, that would’ve been kind of strange. No one brings fish to our shows. Only beards and beer. Mix them toghether, put them in the deep fryer and you’ll get the perfect Skraeckoedlan recipe of doom.

SR: Sorry, most of what I know about Swedish cuisine I learned from cooking shows like The Muppets.

skraeckoedlan_appeltradetTA: The Swedish Chef’s ’stache will do just fine!

SR: Pick a fight with any vegetable. What vegetable would you royally go to town on?

TA: A rhubarb. My mom grows them in her garden. I would hit it with full force, then pick up the pieces and make a pie. But maybe rhubarb is a fruit…? Ah, don’t care. It’s a plant anyway. You guys even call it pieplant, right? That’s hilarious.

SR: Actually pieplant is new to me, but I see no other point to rhubarb besides rhubarb pie… so I approve of “pieplant”. Shit’s delicious. I think it’s a vegetable though.

TA: Maybe I just made all that pieplant stuff up. But delicious it is!

SR: Well played, dude. Although going forward we’re going to call it just that! So serious question… would you rather snort Ramen, or Smarties?

TA: Hm. I’m thinking the Smarties will get stuck up your nose, and you wouldn’t seem that smart (laughs) when you head for the E.R. to get them out. Noodles it is!

SR: Well, I was referring to the seasoning packets, but snorting the noodles is pretty core!

TA: In Sweden we actually have a pack of noodles (with seasoning) that’s called Ramen, so everything is in order then I guess!

SR: If you were stuck on an alien planet and could only have one kind of candy bar, what kind of candy bar would that be?

TA: A KitKat.

SR: That answer is correct.

While Sweden seems like a pretty boss place to live, you have to admit there’s some amazeballs American junk food out there. Any favorites that you’ve had?

TA: A regular BBQ veggie-burger with a lot of cheese, coleslaw and fries always gets it for me! We’ve got some crazy good hamburger and steak joints over here with American menus. I’ve never been to America to get the real life experience though. But every Swede knows that hamburgers are the American meal of choice! Even vegetarian ones that are preeetty hard to tell from the real deal.

SR: I concur. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the American franchise Chili’s, but I prefer their black bean burger over any other burger of theirs. But yes, there are a lot of flavorful veggie burgers out there for sure. If you guys ever tour the States, we’ll have to get you guys hooked up with some sick burgers.

TA: Heard of Chili’s. Sounds delicious! We’re definitely heading to the States as soon as we get the chance.

SR: Your clan is always welcome to our country with open arms. So Swedish Fish (the gummis). Your thoughts?

TA: Nah. Not that good. Gummi actually means rubber in Swedish which kind of explains it all. I prefer Skipper’s Pipes. They’re more metal.

Skipper's Pipes
We are SO tracking these down to review.

SR: Fascinating, and the world of gummis all makes sense now. So Skipper’s Pipes, huh? Never heard of them, but now I must consume some. Challenge accepted!

TA: You really should. Oh sweeeet liquorice.

SR: Cool deal, Tim. Any food or general knowledge you want to drop on our readers?

TA: Next time you go out for some junk food, try the veggie alternative. Most of the time it’s actually better. Not trying to convert anyone here, just a tip!

SR: We have much love for vegetarians. Half of our staff here has actually been mostly vegetarian for close to a couple decades. I was even vegetarian for about two and a half years back in the way-back-when. While I personally am a meat eating sonuvabitch, there are indeed many tasty things to be found without sweet dead animals in it.

Welp, thanks for granting us the interview, Tim! We really appreciate you taking your time to answer mostly non-band related questions on a random-ass American potty-mouth junk food review site.

TA: Thanks a lot for having me. Bye, or “hej då” as we say in Sweden!


Ramen Readers, you drop what the fuck you’re doing right now and go check out Skraeckoedlan at

Their debut album, Appeltradet, is on Spotify for your listening pleasure. Click here for the album. Although you should certainly buy it from their website and support these magnificent bastards.

You can also check out the song “Haven” (one of my personal favorites)  and some crazy live footage of how the Swedes hang on a school night.

Eat Skipper Pipes and listen to Skraeckoedlan.



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  1. Velvetelvitron

    Pieplant is indeed another name for rhubarb! I refer you to the Laura Ingalls Wilder book “The First Four Years” in which Laura accidentally makes a pieplant pie with no sugar in it. Yow!

    And they sell the licorice pipes at the downtown location of Sahara Mart in Bloomington, Indiana last time I checked.


    • PlanetOfTheCrepes

      Well damn, Velvetelvitron! You certainly schooled us in a good way today! I’ll have to take my ass downtown at some point and get some pipes. As well as some licorice pipes. ;) Thanks for dropping some knowledge on us!


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