Herr’s Horseradish and Cheddar Potato Chips

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herrs_horseradishSup Ramenites! Long time no see! Things have been rather hectic at the Snort Ramen camp. HamDog has been busy trying to console the entire city of Houston over Matt Shaub, and I’ve been balls deep in the NHL. But we have a review for you today… BEHOLD!

I’m here today to talk to you about the Herr’s Horseradish and Cheddar chips. Folks, these chips pack a fuckin’ PUNCH. It’s not your average spicy hot, but this is straight up wasabi hot. They’re like cheddar flavored chips, but with microscopic horseradish ninjas living in the ridges. In the bag I had, at least half of the bag contained chips that were heavy on the spice (you know what I’m talking about… the chips that were five shades darker than the others due to high spice coating). These chips are certainly not for rapid consumption… because even a true Snort Ramen Olympiad like myself had to chill the fuck out for a bit while the horseradish put me into DMT-like trances. The amount of wasabi-like spice in these badboys will open your third eye and take you on a trip through waist-high fields of white-flowered brassicaceae and tickling your sack while telling you that energy has no boundaries. And to top it off, their goddamn delicious.

These chips are the shit. They’re exactly what we look for in junk food here at Snort Ramen. Great taste and spice that’ll learn ya a lesson. It was nice to change gears and get some serious horseradish spice instead of our usual hot-pepper spice. If you’re a true alpha-man/alpha-lady… you will seek these out and make them a staple in your diet.

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