Hebrew National Beef Franks

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Behold… the King of Hot Dog Mountain. If you’re like me, you love processed meat and you feel extremely guilty about it. If it weren’t for my stupid crazy high metabolism, processed meat would have killed me 10 years ago. With that said, at the top of the processed meat chain is the almighty hot dog. Yes, they’re made of otter rectums and pig taints… but christ man those things are delicious. But one glorious day when watching Cook’s Country Kitchen on PBS (yes, I watch PBS and fuck all of you CCK is the best cooking show in the Milky Way galaxy) they had a food review on the beloved hot dog. Between Chris and Jack’s usually catty quips at each other, they unveiled the Hebrew National Beef Franks as the ultimate hot dog. Now if Christopher Kimball says something is good… it’s law my friends. The man was born with more than the average number of human taste buds, therefore your argument is invalid. So my wife picked up a pack of these bad-boys… and let me tell you: my life changed. Ball Park and Oscar Meyer, you guys can go jump in a lake. These hot dogs pack a hell of an all beef taste, and you don’t feel like you’ve consumed swept up factory floor hog remains. They’re also very filling, and best of all you can get them in 3 packs from Sam’s Club. So if you’re willing to spend the extra couple of bucks (and trust me, your innards will thank you later) Hebrew National Hot Dogs are THE way to go.

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