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HEB That Green SauceI’m not sure how Hulu handles all their advertisements, but if you live in the Texas area and you have Hulu plus, chances are you’ve see the ad for HEB’s That Green Sauce about 1,000 times.  If you’re like me, you get pretty annoyed the way Hulu tries to get you to interact with their ads by asking if the ad is relevant to you, or asking multiple choice questions about your buying habits.  So it wasn’t easy, but after about 19 hours of watching Hulu I’d seen the ad enough, and I got duped into buying this product.  Boy was I glad.  This sauce is outfuckingstanding.  HEB delivered some excellent crack sauce that I will continue to buy.  I’m normally a red salsa kinda guy, but this sauce has the perfect thickness and a cool and creamy taste that you cannot deny.  It’s made from poblano and jalapeno peppers and the spice is accurate as described on the jar (2 out of 3 per HEB).  A lot of people think it’s pretty spicy, I personally would like to try a shot of Sriracha in there to give it some extra heat.  I’ve only tried it on restaurant style tortilla chips so far, but I’m sure this crack sauce would go well with a number of things.  If I were you, and I lived in Texas, I would do whatever it take to get my hands on this.  Try it on chips, eggs, fajitas, and whatever else.  That Green Sauce from HEB is the real deal.


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  1. Carol

    I live in California…….how do I purchase some of this Green Sauce?

    Help -

    • Hamdog

      To be honest, I’m not quite sure. I’ve tried googling it, tried Amazon and came up with nothing. It’s a shame the rest of the country is blind to that Green Sauce.


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