Hapi’s Hot Wasabi Peas

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The oriental grocery is a magnificent place. You can get anything from Pocki to whole squid. One of my favorite things to get are Hapi’s Hot Wasabi Peas. They’re dehydrated peas covered in wasabi powder.

“Dehydrated peas as a snack? What are you, some sort of stupid hippie?”

To that question I say: these are the peas of the Devil, and the Devil doesn’t hang with hippies. Sure, dried up wrinkly peas aren’t all that great, but it’s that nose-running wasabi that makes this snack awesome. Every time I eat these things, it’s like like a sinus enema that allows me inhale through my nose with grace (after the initial nose-running stops). What’s really fun is offering them to people who have never had them before. “Go ahead, grab a handful to get the full effect.” This is usually followed by eye watering, a few complaints, and a handful of fuck-yous. Every time you pull this one on someone, an angel gets its wings. Bonus points for those who rub their eyes afterwards and make the situation worse.

But for those who like to experience their food, hot wasabi peas are the way to go. If you’re a real he-man, you eat a tall-boy can of these things (yes, they come in cans about twice as tall as the own shown) in one sitting without wiping your nose. Unless you like the taste of wasabi, this is more of a “eating it because it’s hot” food. But as always, it’s good times. These things really grow on you after your first can.

Later on we’ll review the hot wasabi pea’s evil and garlicky counterpart: Hapi’s Hot Sriracha Peas.

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