Evol Burritos – Fire Grilled Chicken Fajita

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One thing that readers might not guess about me is that try to give back to my community. That’s fucking right. When I’m not wrestling snow leopardskilling hippies, or blowing up intergalactic cities… I volunteer at a local food pantry to help low-income families get some free and relatively healthy shit to stuff into their gullets. It’s obvious the we here at Snort Ramen love food, and dammit I want other people to enjoy food too… so I’ll hook your alcoholic and jobless ass up with some snacks. Every time I volunteer, the pantry manager always sends food home with the volunteers after the pantry closes because 1. the shoppers don’t take said food, 2. it’s on the brink of expiring, and 3. they need to keep a steady rotation of food going in and out of the store. With that said, I get all sorts of new stuff to try every week. Since they’re trying to provide healthy food, I get a lot of organic and vegetarian stuff to try out. One of the items sent home with me last week was the Evol Burrito (this particular one being the Fire Grilled Chicken Fajita).

You know, for a microwaveable burrito, this was probably one of the best ones I’ve had. The ingredients are fire-grilled white meat chicken, roasted peppers & onions, cilantro lime rice, black beans, cheddar cheese, and roasted corn & tomatillo salsa that are wrapped up in “an insanely tasty flour tortilla”. Insanely tasty? I have never eaten a microwaveable burrito and exclaimed “THIS IS A FUCKING INSANELY GOOD FLOUR TORTILLA!”. Sorry, Evol, that was some pretty dumb marketing for a microwaveable burrito. Anyhoo… the ingredients were the jam. It tasted like a homemade burrito with fresh ingredients. Very robust and complex flavor. Almost like a mini burrito from Chipotle with an “insanely average” tortilla. Of course I had to squirt Sriracha on every bite… but that’s just how I roll with my Mexican food. One thing that I need to warn you about is that the microwave time on the box says 2 minutes and 45 seconds, and I recommend not heating it up for this long because it turns your burrito into molten lava… which then takes another 15 minutes to cool down to 3rd-degree-tongue-burn status.

In conclusion, this is a great pre-made burrito. Very authentic taste for something that comes in a cellophane wrapper. Since I got it for free, I was curious about the price and had to look it up, which comes in at a whopping $3.50/ea. Yowch! I don’t think I’d pay that much for it. Maybe $2 at the very most. But if you have all sorts of money to blow on expensive shit, I’d recommend getting an Evol Burrito.

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