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doritos-rouletteYou know something’s gotta be good if you have to post after abandoning your site for over 8 months. Folks, we come back from the depths to present the Dorito’s Roulette chips. They’re nacho cheese Doritos with the odd hot chip in there. On the packaging we’re just casually warned that “Some chips are very hot.” Okay, Doritos, we know you hold the title for some of the best chips out there, but your spiciness factor hasn’t really impressed me in the past with some of the other Dorito types out there.

The Official Snort Ramen Initial Bag Whiff was a little misleading compared to what these things tasted like. I could smell a little bit of spiciness, but it was mostly the tried-and-true nacho cheese smell. I took out a chip and took a bite. Hmmm, this is damn interesting! It’s a nacho cheese Dorito, but it’s mildly spicy. I like it! BUT is this one of the spicy chips, and are the non-spicy ones straight up nacho cheese? Doritos, I know you better than this and I’m going to give you the upside. Your plain nacho chips in this bag just have some spicy seasoning on them, and I’m getting my hopes ramped up for the spicy chips. I hope you deliver. After maybe 3 or 4 chips, I get a hot one. Whooo! Not bad, Doritos! That packed a punch! I want more now. It was about another 5 chips until I got another hottie. YES! Bring it, Doritos! I wanted to keep eating these spicy fuckers, but you CANNOT tell which ones are which! And trust me, I observed as closely as I could in my fuzzy state. I found myself just cramming handfuls of chips into my mouth to get my heat fix, and after a few handfuls I had to take a step back. THERE’S that heat I crave! Aaaaaah. Yes. YES! These are seriously like a leveled up version nacho cheese Doritos. And the roulette idea is amazeballs! You never know what you’re going to get, and this food gives you an experience to take away after scorching your tongue.

Doritos, you’ve done it again. This is most certainly one of the top 3 on my list of ALL Dorito flavors. Keep on kicking ass and taking names, Doritos.


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