Comics Crux Review: Mountain Dew Dark Berry

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Snort Ramen has partnered up with the up and coming website Comics Crux to do comic book themed food reviews which will be featured on their site. Comics Crux will be a website devoted to providing a hub of news, original content, and social networking for comic book fans and creators… launching on Sept 5th 2012 (featuring artwork by yours truly). So every so often you’ll see us reviewing the primo stuff that hits home not unlike Superman Belly-Washers, Star Wars Cereal, and Spiderman Fruit Snacks.

We’re kicking this new segment off with the Mountain Dew Dark Berry beverage marketed for the new Batman movie The Dark Night Rises. Now I’ll admit… I’ve never been a fan of Mnt. Dew. It always tasted too NASCAR-y to me (don’t act like you don’t know what I mean). So I expected this to taste like Robitussin-flavored redneck water laced with burnt and sweaty rubber suit aromatics. But I have to admit… I was pleasantly surprised by this beverage. Upon opening the bottle, it certainly smelled like berry. Probably the most berry smelling soda I’ve ever smelled. In fact, I think this beverage should adopt my new name of “Berry Berry Thunder Berry”. After giving it a swig (and being relieved that it didn’t taste like Dale Earnhardt’s car seat) my tongue was tantalized by a nice carbonated mixed berry flavor. It kind of reminds me of a purple-flavored and bubblier Mello Yello. And one thing is for sure… this drink is straight up dark purple. After I polished off the bottle, one of my co-workers even said “It looks like you’ve been making out with Grimmace”… so that’s just frickin’ great.

Now Batman. Not sure why berry is the flavor of Batman. Is it just because it’s a dark color and Batman is “dark”? If that were the case, you’d think they’d make a cola. Dr. Batman would have been pretty funny. But then again, Batman needs his caffeine so he can stay up all night beating the ever living hell out of criminals that wear ostentatiously tight outfits. Me personally, I’ve always been a “1989 Batman or get out of my house” kind of guy. But the new movie looks pretty interesting. I didn’t really follow Batman after Batman Forever (that movie left me pretty pissed off) and I was drunker than all hell when watching Batman The Dark Knight (aka “I hated it, yet don’t remember it”). Maybe I need to go back and re-watch the Christopher Nolan versions and figure out what purple berries have to do with Batman.


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