Chocolate & Crisped Rice Candy

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Chocolate bars with crisped rice. You have to wonder who the genius was that decided to put crisped rice into chocolate. That person deserves a bronze statue of them riding a towering stallion with a battleaxe in hand, with a plaque that says “I Hope To Fuck You’re Thankful, Earth.” Now while there’s nothing wrong with straight up primo chocolate, crisped rice sets that shit OFF. It gives the chocolate a nice scattered crunchiness… like eating chocolate covered Rice Krispies. This type of candy bar has it’s own characteristic crunch to it and it’s awesome. We want to extend our love to the Nestle’s Crunch bar and Krackel primarily. I recall at one point there was a white chocolate Crunch bar that was the cat’s pajamas… so if anyone knows where you can get these still, buy them all and send them to SnortRamen c/o PlanetOfTheCrepes. Crisped rice gets our approval. We break up Krackel and Crunch bars, roll it up, and puff and pass that shit around until we’re red in the eyes. Show your love for crisped rice and chocolate.

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