Bouratino Chersi Soda

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So I get home yesterday from my normal day of arson and fist flinging… and my awesome and bad-ass she-wife greeted me at the door with a weird looking Russian soda that she got at the European deli in town. It came in a glass bottle and the label said “Bouratino Chersi” underneath some Russian text. Well, I can’t fucking read Russian, so I didn’t have much to go off of. I turned the bottle to check the ingredients… and they were in English! Then I hit a wall again… it didn’t tell me jack shit about what flavor this was supposed to be. The best ingredient I had to go off of was “artificial flavoring”. Well sonuvabitch… let’s taste this motherfucker and see what we have…

This thing was pretty good! Although I have no clue what the fucking fuck it is! My taste buds were confused… and the best way I can describe this is like a light cream soda, but mildly fruity. I’ve tried to find other reviews and info on this drink, but I’m coming up short (and I’m guessing it’s because Russia is hiding something about it). The best I could find is a bare bones Wikipedia page that talked about the Buratino (correct spelling) character from Russia, and that there’s a soda line based on it which is known for its “carmel taste” which I honestly don’t even taste, but maybe I do… I can’t even tell because it’s so complex!. The Chersi page doesn’t really offer much but a few images. It also comes in lemonade, ginger ale, and other flavors. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!


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