Braunschweiger (liverwurst)

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oscar-mayer-braunschweiger-liver-60553Today is the day where I’ll probably gross out everyone who reads this blog. Folks, braunschweiger (or liverwurst) is the bee’s knees. It’s delicious spreadable meat and it’s great. Many people will get their panties in a wad just over the smell, and those people will die in the Great Bear War of 2016. I don’t see what the big deal about people not liking liverwurst is. It’s spicy liver sausage that you can spread on bread. My favorite is just spicy brown mustard and liverwurst on wheat bread. It’s just like any other lunch meat, but with more robust flavor and can be spread. Plus it has anti-inflammatory properties. Liverwurst is also very rich in vitamin A and B, and minerals such as Iron and Selenium. It’s also very high in protein. In a 55g serving, only 5g of it is saturated fat. Does your fucking lunch meat do that?! For those think that this is bottom of the barrel lunch meat… you can fuck right off because we just poured some science on your braunschweiger. If you’re awesome like us, you cut an end off and eat the liverwurst straight from the tube like a tube of cookie dough. If you think this is the government cheese of lunch meat… you’re wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. You know in Germany this stuff is a delicacy. If you can get your hands on authentic German braunschweiger, you become king of liverwurst mountain. Hagel braunschweiger.

Note that this is PlanetoftheCrepe’s personal review… and that any other opinion is wrong.

2 Responses to “Braunschweiger (liverwurst)”

  1. Elizabeth Watson

    I always put a good swagger on whilst eating braunschweiger! LOVE IT!

  2. katjoy

    My dad used to eat this on a piece of bread with sliced onion. I just bought some at a meat market and it’s as awesome as I remember! YUMMO!!!


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