Bimbo Conchas

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Bimbo ConchasBimbo, funny name, serious snacking. Growing up in Texas, I always giggled to myself when I’d see a Bimbo pastry truck driving around.  Do not be fooled by the name, it’s actually pronounced “beembo” and the word Bimbo in Spanish does not translate to a ditsy, cheap, and easy blonde.  I imagine if it did mean something in Spanish it would be “fucking outstanding bread”.  What we get here with the Conchas (Concha is “shell” for you super white folk) is a pair of sweet, but not too sweet, egg bread.  It’s soft and moist and coated with sugar and milk powder to create a tasty powdery/frosting like coating. The coating is presented in a way on the bread to make it resemble a sea shell.   I would highly recommend this for a donut or danish eater to have with their morning coffee.  What I don’t recommend is holding the Concha up to your ear, because you can’t hear the ocean, but it will make your ear sticky and powdery.

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