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spookylicious pop tarts

Pop Tart Power Punch

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Pop Tarts… America’s tastiest breakfast treat that includes 66 ingredients including chemicals, food preservatives, oils and food colorings. Sure these things are loaded with TBHQ, high fructose corn syrup, and hazardous dyes… but goddammit we still love them and will eat them any chance we get. A co-worker at my place of employment gifted us computer-monkeys [...]


J&D’s/The Oatmeal Sriracha Popcorn

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As we mentioned before, HamDog and I are true to the Sriracha Rooster Sauce and have been for quite some time. It’s awesome that The Oatmeal’s Matt Inman has taken it upon himself to tell everyone about the glory that is Sriracha chili sauce… and everyone certainly needs to know about it. This dude writes [...]


Bud Light Platinum

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You know, we try to keep the beer/alcohol reviews here at Snort Ramen to a minimum… seeing that we are a junk food blog after all. But tonight I tried something that I need tell the world about, and that thing is Bug Light Platinum. It was late,  I had rough day, was hungry, wanted [...]

herrs ketchup potato chips

Herr’s Ketchup Potato Chips

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For years I had heard of ketchup flavored potato chips, but never tried them. I think the main reason for not trying them sooner is because I spent most of my life in the South/Mid-South… and apparently ketchup chips belong to the “Great White North Only Club”. But now that I’m in the Mid-West, I [...]

nutella and go

Nutella & Go

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Nutella is great. You can’t go wrong with the phrase “hazelnut chocolate spread”… and if you think differently, then your opinion is wrong and you need your knuckles caned. It’s like the chocolate version of peanut butter (consistency-wise). Although if they ever make peanut butter and chocolate Nutella swirl spread, the sun will split in half [...]

comics crux logo

Join the Snort Ramen Comics Crux League

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Hey crackers, you may have heard us talk about the totally rad new (and free to register) comic book hub site called Comics Crux. This a great site created by ultra comic book nerds (and good friends) that live comics all day every day, and want to expand the comic community by bringing together artists, [...]

blairs death sauce

Blair’s Death Sauce 4 Pack

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Does your hot sauce come with a motherfuckin’ skull keychain? Mine sure does. There’s a lot of different hot sauces out there. You have the tried and true Mexican restaurant table staples such as Tobasco, Cholula, and Tapatio. Then there are the more “collectible” types like the Ass Kickin’ line, Dave’s, Texas Pete, and Mad [...]